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MyCrazySite.Com This is the current site that you are one. I started working on this site my freshmen year of college. I use this site mostly as a place to develop new sites to be later placed on different servers.
Build and Design Construction This site was built for a brand new contractor in the central Connecticut area.
Berlin Lions Club After having a website for their fair and blues festival for a few years the Lions Club wanted their own website.
Berlin Fair After commenting to one of the Lions in the Berlin Lions Club about their website they asked me to do their website for them. Now the site has the ability to sign up for exhibits, view a virtual fair, or view all the fair book covers since 1949.
Berlin Blues Festival Besides doing the Berlin Fair website I also do the Berlin Blues Festival website. This site is the place to go to find out which bands will be at the festival and other information.

"(2004 was) the most successful festival to date. Alot of the success can be traced back the site you developed and the tirless effort you put forward. I thank you for all that you do."
Troop 24 I created this website for my troop so that all scouts could have the ability to check their advancement. Also on the site is a calendar and news so that they can find out what is going on with the troop quickly.
Berlin High School My senior year of high school I was the webmaster of the high school website. As part of my time being webmaster I redesigned the website to its current look.
Berlin's Hilarious Studios After finding out about WPI's April Fools websites I talked to my high school to see if I could do something similiar there. On April 1st 2002 the Berlinwall was replaced by Berlin's Hilarious Studios which took many popular movies and put teachers in them.
April Fools 2003: BBS Once again I made a website for April Fools day for the high school. This website took the graphics from the old BBS and made it interactive again with the ability to send messages and play games.
BHS Programming This is yet another project that I have been working on with the high school to make a programming website for them. This will be used (if it is ever finished) as a tutorial for them because they don't have any classes that teach programming.
Chairman's Award 2002
(currently offline)
This is a presentation of why we think our FIRST team is the best team. This presentation was made into a website to make it easy to navigate.
Troop 68 This was my first website ever. Of course it has changed a lot from where I first started it. It was the troop website for my old Boy Scout troop. It is mostly a place to show images and other things about our troop.
NSO Project As part of the freshmen orientation at WPI every group was required to build a website of an imaginary student going to WPI. We won 1st prize for this website.
New Britain Youth Museum For my Eagle Project I built this website for a local museum. The page is used to display information about the place and hopefully attract more visitors. Also part of the project was to teach people how to build a website.
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