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Lightbulb Contrast 02/20/05 08/12/05 I found this image on a box of lightbulbs that were supposed to make the room look brighter. However the image they show they say that they edited the photo to make it seem even better.
More Evil than God 11/17/04 02/20/05 For the first few days that Microsoft came out with their new beta search engine they showed their true feelings towards other companies. When you searched for "more evil than god" you got these results. Take a close look at number 2 and 3.
Girls in Pheonix 5/10/04 11/17/04 We were in Phoenix for a FIRST competition and the girls decided to go a little crazy with their hair. Now it is here to share with the world.
Blink Tag 12/24/03 5/10/04 This is from userfriendly.org where they used it on April 27, 2003. I thought it was funny so here it is.
Washington Monument Picture 11/08/03 12/24/03 A picture from Washington DC with the sunset in the background.
Segway Picture 09/22/03 11/08/03 A picture of me on a Segway at Bash @ the Beach.
Mario Twins ??/??/?? 11/14/02 The classic Super Mario Twins Flash animation. This mostly makes fun of Super Mario Brothers (if you couldn't guess)
Headache ??/??/?? ??/??/?? This is a play on the Mahna-Mahna sketch by the Muppets. This is very nicely put together. If you watch it too much it will drive you crazy
Cheesy Poofs 03/??/02 ??/??/02 I found this poster on campus and all I could think about was the FIRST team called Cheesy Poofs.
Be Back Soon ??/??/?? ??/??/?? After accidentally reformatting all of my hard drives I put this up until I could work on my site some more
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